Gary Fullett, co proprietor of LTG Trading LLC, is really an amazing trading educator. He perfected the valuation of the Wyckoff Principles earlier in the function of his and is positioning them to fit himself and several following 1982.


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Gary Fullet was a paramedic in college studying biomedical engineering 1 year then during college a friend asked Gary to be a runner at the Chicago Mercantile exchange, this was the start of Garys trading carear 

After watching the market floor and the interactions of price and which orders were at and the speed and acceptance of the orders flow this got me interested in trading theroy
I started to chat about this to a broker and someone mentioned the Wyckoff method of trading.
Gary looked up Wyckoff at the Chicago mercantile library and photocopied a Wyckoff course and started to learn the Wyckoff method of training.
After being self-taught and proving his trading ability on the floor through various successful calls using the newly learned Wykoff method of training Gary was soon noticed and was hired by various brokers.
Following on from his trading Gary had success also in teaching this method and decided to pursue this further
Gary started an AOL chatroom the first to teach Wyckoff theory live
Gary has also had a successful learning Wycoff theroey book published on Amazon
fast forward to today and Gary runs  Live trading sessions during market hour 
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Brian O

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all your help this past year. It has given me great confidence going forward. Honestly, I think I've gotten more out of our meetings along with the classes and webinars than at any point along my learning curve."


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